The Boggart
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Simon & Schuster
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The Boggart
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The Boggart

A Canadian family inherits a dilapidated Scottish castle inhabited by an ancient mischievous spirit, a Boggart. Moved accidentally to Canada, he is homesick and alienated, and wreaks havoc on his new family, their theatre, and the streets of Toronto. Only through some modern technological wizardry by the children can the Boggart return to his rightful domain. The adventure continues in The Boggart and the Monster.


Carnegie Medal shortlist, BLA, 1993
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award
Judy Lopez Memorial Award for Children’s Literature, WNBA
Booklist Editor’s Choice
School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
Notable Children’s Book, ALA
Horn Book Fanfare citation

Here (Susan Cooper) uses a peripheral part of that imagined world to create her mischievous main character, an Old Thing from the Wild Magic, and brings him into hilarious, tragic contact with our unimaginative civilization. ... As long as writers with Susan Cooper’s skills continue to publish, magic is always available.
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